Avoid the main holiday annoyance Relax with the SUNBREAKER

Reserving a chair is the main annoyance during holidays according to ZOOVER

Zoover’s research shows that reserving a lounger is the single main annoyance during holidays. Therefore, the Sunbreaker offers a unique opportunity to differentiate your venue from other hotels or accommodations. Let your guests enjoy a relaxed holiday, instead of a vacation of frustrations. This video has been viewed more than 120,000 times, and more than 20,000 people have signed the petition: a clear sign that what matters is to acknowledge and address the problem!

Some people are very antisocial and occupy a lounger all day. As if it’s theirs! Hotels should do something about it. This seems like a perfect solution to me.

Problems and annoyances related to reserving a lounger at your hotel’s swimming pool

Your guests are headed for the swimming pool, enjoying their holiday. Although they are relaxed, you notice mutual tensions and irritations. These should come as no surprise, since all the loungers have been taken since early morning – not by other vacationers, but rather by their towels and other possessions. Many of them will not return to their chosen spot after a few minutes or even an hour, but half a day later.

Tossing towels, reserving loungers during vacations and other outings: not your problem…

As the owner of a hotel or other holiday accommodation, you know that this is a common problem at your swimming pool as well. But truth be told, you can’t think of a solution, and would much rather focus on other problems and more important issues. Let us do the hard work for you.

Our solution: the Sunbreaker

The Sunbreaker is a social parking disc or reservation card for loungers at the swimming pool. Set the time when leaving then go for a swim, grab some lunch, or simply get out of the sun. Back within an hour? No problem. Rather stay away for longer? Then someone else may take over the lounger, once any remaining personal belongings have been put away. You now have a clear policy in place, which avoids irritation and conflict. Because everyone just wants the same thing: lay in the sun and relax by the pool.

This is a tool to make your own rules, we can print your own rules and logo at the sunbreaker.


The Sunbreaker for a relaxed holiday.

Brilliant idea. It’s dead simple. Hopefully it will be implemented everywhere, that would save loads of stress!