The following videos show that the towel tossed onto the lounger is a common problem.


Here are some of the responses found online about the problem of keeping loungers reserved at the pool:

• A shame that the “hotel sport” of the Costas is played here too. Tossing a towel onto a lounger is how the sport is called. No later than breakfast, all the loungers are taken by the towels of other guests.

• Swimming pools: everything is kept clean, and there would be enough loungers if guests didn’t reserve them all by tossing a towel onto them. At 5 AM, you can already see people reserving loungers with their towel, but only start using them after 1 PM. Fortunately, there are little bars at every pool to keep an eye on this while enjoying a coffee, juice, beer, or something stronger.

• A major frustration was the whole lounger business at the swimming pool. The pool was fine, the water nice and cool, but the hotel was full of annoying people who made sure to hijack loungers before 7 AM, yet didn’t show up until noon. As a result, no free loungers. The hotel personnel, who said they would counter this, did nothing.

• Child-friendly hotel, loungers were reserved by towels, but that’s how it goes. • The downside is the clientele. At 7 AM, many a towel is being tossed, often by one person reserving 6 loungers for other people. Nothing is done to counter this, even when the reserved loungers remain unused until noon.

The only downside is that you need to reserve your lounger around 6 AM with a towel, otherwise there is no space. That’s really a hassle!

• The main frustration is the well-known towel tossing. People lay out towels in the morning, only to stay away for hours. The hotel personnel doesn’t always respond consistently to this, which leads to frustration amongst the guests.

• The loungers were a disaster. They were always taken.

• It was highly amusing to observe the early towel-tossers from our balcony, guarding their towels from being removed by the personnel. • Concerning towel-tossing at the pool, it does happen, but there still are loungers available. We ended up removing some towels in the end. We got angry stares, but when I asked if their name was on the lounger, the conversation was quickly finished.

• There was some towel terrorism at work, the accommodation didn’t fight it and just shrugged complaints away. At 7:45, 90% of the loungers at the pool were already “taken”. The solution: toss everything into the pool.

Every morning at 10, as soon as a heated pool opens, crowds of people have already gathered at the fence to toss a towel onto a lounger, and by then all the other loungers in the complex have already been reserved with towels, I hate it!

• No tossing towels, they get removed. The young man in charge of this will help you find a spot. Everyone gets a chance. Great service. After an hour, the towel gets removed.

• The main drawback: the pool loungers. I was there at 8:30 with my 2 boys trying to get beds. But they didn’t have the strength to carry them. Nobody wanted to help, and on the last day, someone even took a lounger from our stack while we were dragging it towards the pool. Never again!

• Fortunately, it is forbidden to reserve loungers with towels, but as a result, as soon as the pool opens, people storm in from 3 different directions to secure a spot, after having waited in line for 45 minutes. Truly a ludicrous scene.

• The only thing was the towel tossing: we were there during high season. On the first day, we didn’t toss our towels, but we regretted it. Even just for our small party of 2, there were really no more free loungers by 2 PM! Everything was covered with (hotel) towels, which weren’t used until late in the afternoon. So the next day, we went out at 7 AM to lay out our towels (unfortunately), but some “colleagues” had already been at work. I think people already toss their towels late at night.

• A small point of criticism: we were here during high season and had to be at the pool by 8 AM for the LOUNGER RACE! To make sure you get a lounger, here’s a tip: go stand on your balcony at 8 AM and look at the towel race, the fights for a lounger are quite amusing to see. And yes, we partook as well!

Unfortunately, there are still guests who think they are alone in this world and do not take others into account. Case in point, people leaving towels on the loungers and only coming to use them at the end of the day.